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21 January 2008

Phil's pics from the social 1.5 hour Enduro

Nice view of race track action. If one looks carefully at the red blur at the donut on the full size pic, it is none other than flashman marshaller Pete Camp of ex Raceworld who kindly donated all the HRS cars and a host of equipment to Ecurie on closing up Raceworld.
Some of the visiting folk - Kerry from winning team on right.

The lane colour co-ordinated HRS chassised cars were bullet proof.

Banter tween Craig the marshall and Annetjie on Blue lane.

Costa junior ponders all the tall opposition....

Dave dazzled by Phil's flash and an indifferent black car being passed by Costa on green, with regular monotony.

These youngers were earnest in their marshalling - the lad on the right missed the start but marshalled all night - at the tender age of 4.75.

Gordon charming the lasses.

Erlo and Craig on race control and paling at the progress of the advancing team Dave ;-)

Chairman Mike Wilkie with Ashwin on race control - Ashwin predicting the race outcome very early.

What an awesome event! Thanks to everyone who gave up time and put in effort to get the show on the road. The 15 minutes per lane with 5 minute driving slots worked well. Drivers rotated quickly and all got a decent number of turns throughout the evening. Thanks to Erlo for sorting out the cars which performed well - Costa for controlling the event - Alwyn, Jeanette and family in the canteen and all the other members who contributed in some way or another.

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