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19 March 2009

Baynesfield Outing - 15/03/2009

On Sunday 15 March 2009, we took our portable track to Baynefield to raise funds and create interest for the club and it was a sucess in many levels.

The trip up in the morning was met with lots of rain (and a late Ashwin) but neither dampened our spirits. The rain stopped by the time we got there and we set up under cover just incase the heavens opened again. They did not and it turned out to be an awesome day.

There was lots to see on the day and one of my highlights was the six or so GT40's which pitched up and were on display. The sound of those GT40 V8's was something to behold.

The racing was a bit slow to start off with but built up nicely during the day although I feel our location was not ideal as we were tucked up between buildings.

We had an awesome time and I'd like to thank all those who helped on the day, Mike, Phil, Ashwin, Ayrton, Luke and myself, Costa.

The Team (Ashwin, Mike, Phil. Costa, Ayrton, Luke)

One thing worth mentioning was that we tried out our new Ninco car with the NC11 motor and it proved to be extremely good. We had an informal competition to see how many laps we could do around our track in 3 minutes. Ashwin posted a respectable 52.25 laps and a fastest lap of 3.04 seconds. Phil did 52.75 laps with a fastest lap of 3.03. Mike did just under 50 laps as did Luke. I did 52.25 laps as well with a fastest lap of a whisker under 3 seconds. and then it was Ayrtons turn.... straight out the blocks he was blisteringly fast. He came off slightly more often that us but still ended up with 57.75 laps and a fastest lap of 2.84 seconds. That performance prompted a flurry of activity to try better their previous laps but no-one else even came close! Well done Ayrton.

Obviously, the kids had fun!!!

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