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16 March 2009

Race Report - Formula Libre 2009-03-13

What a good nights racing was had again on Friday. Mike proved that by putting in some extra time on the Wednesday night before the race meeting will pay big dividends. He eased away from us, winning comforably in the end.

The main race was, as mentioned above, taken my Mike with Ashwin a Phil having a really close race with Ashwin eventually finishing 0.06 of a lap in front of fast charging Phil (that is about 0.428 seconds after 12 minutes of racing). Costa was going well until he stripped his gears but excellent pit work (and some gracious patience from the other 3 drivers) saw him continue the race with a new set of gears.

In the second race, Brad and Ayrton had a very close meeting as well with a tyre coming off slightly on Ayrton's car determining the wining gap between the two in Brads favour. Erlo was in all sorts of trouble, firstly with tyre choice and secondly with being taken off quite a few times, that it gave new member Jono an opportunity to catch right up with his new Ferarri 330 P4 which is proving to be a car with good potential. Kevin was also having all sorts of problems with grip on his car and it dropped him down the leader board.

In the first race, Luke, Celeste and Vic kept it close with Luke taking that tussle. Vics car has potential but is seemingly lacking something - we will help him figure that one out.
The visitor to our club, Greg, was using one of Brads older cars and was affectionately called the "spin out" because of those exact dendancies. None the less, he also drove well considering.

Final Results

Mike - 103.52
Ashwin - 100.95
Phil - 100.89
Costa - 95.40
Brad - 92.67
Ayrton - 90.70
Erlo - 85.49
Jono - 84.64
Luke - 79.54
Celeste - 78.56
Kevin - 71.93
Vic - 69.42
Greg - 59.26

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