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09 March 2009

Race Report - 1:24 Production (06/03/2009)

Friday nights racing was top class once again with the new gearing proving to be a big hit with regards to the handling of the cars. They seem to be better suited to the Falcon motors and the motors semed to be running much cooler.

Racing was tight with a few hoping for good results after spending many hours on Wednesday night seting up and tuning their cars.

Craig had his Cheetah 11 running very sweetly with the new motor and new gears and ended up winning the night with 151.62 laps.

Ashwin and Erlo had a very close battle with Ashwin using his tried and tested Flexi 5 and Erlo with his brand new JK X24 chasis that he assembled and set up on the Wednesday night. Ashwin ended up ahead with 146.45 and Erlo very close behind on 146.15 which is the equivalent of a gap of 1.5 seconds after 12 minutes of racing.

Phil, Tony, Costa and Mike had their little battle going on although Mike was compromised and dropped off a bit during the middle stages of the race after picking up a pin in his gearing. Once the pin was removed, he was flying again but had too much to catch.

Ayrton and Gordon had, as usual, a cracker of a race with Ayrton showing the "old man" the way home by 1.11 laps (about 5.5 seconds). The new guy, Bruce, topped of the list of runners with a test car and finished off with a respectable 98.06 laps... not bad for a first time.

A great nights racing was had by all and I think that many people had their best racing in a long time and more importantly, the results were very close from top to bottom.

The big question now is will the motors last... and new chassis should I buy.

Final Results:

Craig - 151.62
Ashwin - 146.45
Erlo - 146.15
Phil - 139.44
Tony - 138.95
Costa - 137.87
Mike - 130.92
Ayrton - 124.29
Gordon - 123.18
Bruce - 98.06

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