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28 March 2008

Complete "Open Class" Spec Car For Sale

Big Al is selling off one of his complete RTR Open Class spec chassis ,with one of the SA livery Nissan Skyline GTR bodies. This is a great buy for anyone interested in getting started in the True Scale Open Class category. Anyone interested can contact Al on

10 March 2008

New Spec 1/24 Production Cars

Well Friday night was supposed to be the start of new spec 1/24 Production class. This however did not materialise due to the fact that only six people bothered to pitch up. Of those only two had completely built their cars ready to race, another was 90% complete and the others were, besides having new bodies, still old spec with 16D motors.

Anyway I used the opportunity to help complete some of those cars and did a conversion on Phil Rix's car from scratch in 15mins flat and helped Costa complete his Porsche body. We finally managed to get some running in a little later in the evening with four new spec cars and one old spec car driven by Ashwin. Not surprisingly, all the cars were pretty evenly matched with Costa, Mike and Phil all posting times in the 5,1-5,2s range, on a track that was severely lacking in rubber. My car was slightly quicker at about 4,8s, but I had the added advantage of running slightly stickier rubber. Having said that though there was no noticeable difference in straight line speed between the cars, which was pretty much the whole idea behind the class. I am looking forward to next months event, where perhaps we will actually be able to get some racing in!