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23 April 2009

Race Report - Formula Libre - 2009-04-10

Race Report - Formula Libre - 2009-04-10

Formula Libre on Good Friday was well attended with 14 drivers racing. The event had a kind in International flavour with Jim and Naomi on holiday from the UK taking part! Costa may yet regret the fact that he had to miss the race and forego some valuable points.

Qualifying proved once again that the race was going to be between the leaders in the championship with Mike on pole, Ashwin second, Erlo third and Phil fourth. Brad was the dark horse in the pack qualifying in fifth place only seven segments behind Phil.

The early finals produced some close racing. In the first group, the ladies showed good skills with Naomi driving consistently and winning comfortably by four laps from Aubrey. Evelyn was quick, but too many excursions off the track cost her dearly. Young Mikheel is slowly improving and managed to finish ahead of Evelyn and his Dad, Ahmed.

Brad was a clear winner in the second group with his yellow Ferrari P4. Rumour has it that some bribery was afoot as he had been seen fratenising with Ashwin during the break and the yellow car was being feverntly worked on in the Maharaj pit. After some close racing, Celeste finished next, just ahead of Jono. Jim and Vic battled throughout with Vic ahead in the end by just 9 segments.

The final was tense affair. Ashwin took the lead in the early stages but was pressed hard all the way by Erlo who was never more than one lap behind throughout the race. After his blistering form in qualifying, Mike got off to a bad start and although he was quick in certain segments, he never recovered and had to settle for fourth behind Phil. This was Ashwin's fourth win in five races this season.

Results :
Ashwin 104.09
Erlo 103.53
Phil 99.70
Mike 98.61
Brad 97.50
Celeste 84.14
Jono 82.45
Vic 76.81
Jim 76.72
Naomi 73.06
Aubrey 69.09
Mikheel 68.33
Evelyn 68.22
Ahmed 64.53

Report by Phil