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25 August 2008

Checking transistor controllers

After battling with Gordon's' economy transistor controller, I had to come to the conclusion that the transistor may be fritzed. Before getting round to testing the transistor, I spotted this simple way to test on a web site:
"With the meter set to measure ohms, clip one meter lead to the base connection of the transistor. Touch the other lead first onto the collector lead and then onto the emitter lead. The readings should both be the same, either both high resistance or both low resistance.
Now reverse the leads and repeat the procedure. The results should be the opposite of those obtained before. If they were both high before they should now be both low. If they were both low before they should now both be high.
Now measure the resistance between emitter and collector. It should read high resistance in both directions.
Note that for this to work the internal battery of the meter must supply a voltage high enough to overcome the forward resistances of the transistors. Many meters have a position marked with a diode symbol which must be selected when checking transistors or diodes."
(not sure where I lifted the reference pic but suspect in was from Chris Frost's excellent web site on transistor controllers).

18 August 2008

The Next Step in Scale Racing

The guys in Cape Town are taking Scale Racing to the next level. Al Paterson has produced the bodies shown in the picture above for and endurance race at the Cambridge track. They will be mounted on 1300U chassis and raced for 9-hours. The bodies and interiors are vac formed. For more information please go to and check out the EVENTS section.
These Group C cars will more than likely be what we will be racing in the 2009 Ecurie April Event for Open Class, although the bodies will be fibreglass laminated with Vacuum formed windows & headlights. The idea behind this being that the "kits" will be cheaper, stronger and easier to put together, resulting in less waste and quicker build times for entrants.

06 August 2008

Second show for the new Ecurie portable digital - pics and report from Phil Rix

A brief report on the Thomas More Fair.

At the outset, thanks to the team for giving up their day - Ashwin, Alwyn, Erlo, Mike, Costa and Phil. It made such a difference having a few more than we had at Bellair.

Our effort was a huge success. Despite a marginal location, There was hardly a break in the racing. Up to 6 drivers at a time, approximately 235 paying customers! Some commented on what good value it was. Marshaling was hectic, and without digital would have been almost impossible!

The layout had been further improved - see the red and white kerbs, the pit lane and the excellent and neat controller extension arrangement put together by Costa. Cars were well prepared by Costa which was a real plus. The idea for the barrier joiners came from Alwyn. Erlo made up a great banner which was prominently displayed. Thanks to Gordon for the vinyl numbers for the cars and controllers. Throughout the project, innovative ideas from all involved have contributed to the success of the concept. We learnt more and will keep improving.

The Fair was amazing. Massive, well organised and well attended. Club members missed a great event and the opportunity to see and experience digital racing. Erlo and Ashwin picked up some amazing bargains in 1/24 static kits. R30 per kit - an absolute give away!

Regards - Phil