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06 April 2017

Formula Libre Pro prep for the metal heads

The Scalextric Lotus Evora super resistant and Ford GT40 are the competitive cars for the Ecurie Libre Pro (with original motor) class at present.

Gavin asked for a shopping list and Paul is commencing preparation of a new Lotus Evora super resistant so this takes the form of a list of recommended bits plus some pictures guide, rather than the blow by blow assembly guide for stock.

Parts sourced locally in Kzn (generally):
Parts sourced overseas:

*         The LMP braid is quickly and easily trapped against the guide silver braid shoe and one then threads the lead wire through the hole and (very) quickly solders the wire to the braid (see photos).
          The Mr Slotcar braid is significantly longer lasting but fiddly to tin the end for soldering in view of the capillary action.
**      The only reason for a spacer is so the spur gear does not load against the lip of the pinion during right hand turns, which will load and ruin a motor.
***      The 36t 19mm is ample (until worn) but the yellow MB spur is silky smooth and looks zooty.
****    Ash and Dave experimented with a range of different diameter rims (17.3/17.5/18.0/18.3) but the 17.8mm rib diameter rim gives the sweet spot on handling and co-incidentally is the same size as the original plastic rim.
*****   Not a must but nice for body float and the body rear - the coarse Ninco long star screws are great whereas the more common flat head after-market body screws are a pain.

Remember that the Ecurie Formula Libre Pro rules require the magnet relocated to forward of the motor and one should then stack magnet pieces on to achieve the 150 grams target downforce on the Rix scale (minimum 145 grams recommended).

Similar components but different wheel sizes will apply to the Scalex Ford GT40, talk to Ash, Andrey and Lance for sizes. Changing the pinion 11t to 12t will make also make it suitable for Hotslots Pietermaritzburg sports & touring use but remember to change back to 11t for Ecurie! ;-)

Front wheel diameter 16.9 mm (changed)

Note lead wire / braid plus magnet location

LMP braid quick but short term solution

Not cheap but neat rear 17.8 mm rims

36t 19mm spur gear alternative

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