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05 May 2009

1:24 Production Race Report - 01/05/2009

It gives me great pleasure to report back on last Fridays racing, the 1:24th production class.

It all started much earlier with a call from Mr Strydom telling me that he had family commitments and could unfortunately not be able to attend the racing on Friday. He asked me if I would like to try his new JK Cheetah 3-piece chassis car for the race meeting as he new I was torn between buying the 2-piece or the 3-piece. I obviously said yes and then proceeded to call him back later on in the week to ensure that the car was ready for me. He told me that he had not had any time to work on it and even though the tyres were marginal, he assured me that the car was going well.

Friday came and I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of driving a decent car. My only worry was that I would have no-one or nothing to blame if the results were poor.

Qualifying was pretty tame with Ashwin taking the honours hands down with Tony in second and Phil third. I came in fifth and was a little worried.

Racing started with the first group comprising of Ayrton, Vic and Gwaine. Ayrton took the race with an impressive 125.42 laps, his best of the year. Vic was not too far behind with 110.53 laps and is showing great improvement with every race meeting.

The second heat comprised of Mike, Costa and Erlo. Racing was very tight and close right up to half way when Erlo's card threw a pinion gear which ended his race prematurely. After that, Costa started easing away from Mike and ended up with 139.66 (his best this year – if not ever). Mike ended on 134.45.

The last race saw Ashwin, Tony and Phil fighting it out but Ashwin was on fire, edging out a lead from the first segment and continuing that trend right through the race. He ended up with an impressive 148.82 laps.
During the last race, we hade Phil and Tony extremely worried about my laps from the previous race and, as hard as they tried, they could not manage to catch up to me.

Let’s just say that I was smiling so much, if I didn't have ears, my head would have fallen off.
The 3-piece chassis was an absolute pleasure to drive and I would not be surprised if most of us changed to the chassis and, coupled with identical motors and gearing, this class will be uber close and competitive in the future.

Final Race Positions

Ashwin - 148.82
Costa - 139.66
Tony - 138.49
Phil - 137 - 44
Mike - 134.45
Ayrton - 125.42
Vic - 110.53
Gwaine - 85.58
Erlo - 77.-

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