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28 May 2009

Race Report - Libre 22/05/2009

It was the usual Friday night gathering for all the Libre class enthusiasts…but this time round
there were a few new faces…This would be imminent of the popularity of the Libre class, more
and more youngsters joining, which of course would mean more competition.

Well, as per normal everyone was early and trying there utmost to have a few practice laps…before the daunting qualifying session would get underway. Whilst practicing, even the young ones gained some insight and experience with the help of Mike and not to forget Brad…
(and everyone else who pitched in to help with the cars) We must say a special thank you to Brad, especially with the “trigger” tips…Yes, the trick is to remember to hold and release instantly when approaching a sharp hairpin bend or looming corner….. As Brad always reminds me, if you don’t concentrate your car will come off the track, which will equal less laps, which will equal, you loose….Thus a valid tip for all aspiring young racers out there.

Anyways…moving on…The time arrived for the first qualifying rounds to begin. You can just imagine the expressions on everyone’s faces, the anticipation and anxiousness…Where will I qualify? Will tonight be me night? The youngsters were so excited, whilst the top racers were tense as usual….After all your qualifying position could just give you the edge to beat Ashwin this time round. The top 3 positions were…yes you guessed it….Costa “The Great” in first..hmmmm,
Followed by Ashwin “The fast and the furious” and Phil “The Fox”. They were closely followed by Johannes, Erlo and Mike. Scary stuff!!!

Then it was time for the main races to take place, for the evening…Yes, it was a bit of a long, but enjoyable evening J First up, were the young ones Cameron, Chris and Kyle. The tips from experienced Mike and Brad, definitely assisted Chris in taking the victory in this first race, followed closely by Cameron and then Kyle. Well done guys!

In the second race, Gwain and Vic battled it out for the title of first place in there race, not to forget Kevin in the golden cruiser….or sorry you changed your car…forgot, close on their tail.
You could feel the tension mounting…second by second…To add to the mix, young Mikheel was playing catch-up with Kevin and Aubrey, definitely giving them a run for their money…at the end
Gwaine came out tops in this race, followed ever so closely by Vic, Kevin, Mikheel and Aubrey.

Ahh….at this stage the night was still young, then we moved on to the start of the third race.
In the starting blocks we had Mike, Jono, Ayrton, Luke, JP and of course myself. Well, well, well,

did we have a blistering start to this race or what…Yes, a birdie tells me someone was even doing lap times of 6,7’s….I gave the guys a bit of stick, such a pity I came off the track, Jono was probably the cause breaking my concentration to try and beat me this time round…Well, we had Mike, Jono and Ayrton playing yo-yo throughout the race….you couldn’t keep up. I tried of course to do it for the girls, but I had to admit Mike was on a roll and took first place in the race, followed by a neck-to-neck challenge by Jono, Ayrton, myself and then Luke and JP.

The night was not over yet, but soon coming to an end….The end is near…The final curtain..
Yes, it was time for the MAIN race event of the evening. The main racers were about to take center stage. Just picture it… Phil “The Fox” ready to give Ashwin “The Fast and the Furious” a go…Ashwin trembling in his boots…thinking will he be lucky to win Brad again by one segment?
Not to forget Costa, the number one qualifier..was this a sign that he will win? Then we had the quiet and placid Erlo and anxious Johannes…All ready to GO..GO…GO

It was going to be a tight race from the words of race control “Drivers ready, Marshals ready, three you have from now”. Erlo and Ashwin definitely meant business and were close on each other tails. Followed by Costa, our number one qualifier….then we had Brad in the Ferrari trying to make his Ferrari go faster to catch up to Ashwin..Phil and Johannes were battling it out side by side. Things were tense, as we were approaching the last segment, Ashwin and Erlo were one lap apart, followed by Costa, Phil and Brad all on 85 laps….But congrats go out to Erlo, as it was his night this time round, followed with a hair length by Ashwin and well done to Costa for coming third. Last but not least Brad seemed to beat Phil just just and decided to have bragging rights until the next race event…followed by Johannes whom gave it his all.

Well, what a night of racing, I’m sure you will all treasure this night’s memories…Who will be the next “King Pin” of the Libre racetrack…The drama continues next week Friday…Don’t miss out.

A big thanks to Celeste for providing us with an excellent race report.

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