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05 March 2009

Formula Libre - 27/02/2009 - Race Report

When last did we have 22 drivers in an event? The Formula Libre race last Friday evening was a huge success with some very exciting and close racing. We actually had 23 drivers, but unfortunately Gordon had to leave early. We would have had to extend the four groups to five if the likes of Brad, Celeste, Tony and prospective new member Marcus had been able to attend! New members Vic and Jono were in the thick of the action. Kevin and Luke were back for more and will be joining soon. Visitors who enjoyed themselves and whom we hope will be back included Bruce and son Ronan, Zsolt, Marko and Robert. It was great to see Mark Bray and son Andrew at the Club after a long absence.

After the introduction of Formula Libre last year, it soon became the most popular class and it seems that the decision to run the class twice a month this year, was a good one. The Committee will be importing upgrade kits, spares and controllers for the benefit of new members and to support the Class during the year. Scalextric cars are available on order from George of Hillcrest Hobbies - contact number 031-7658585. Phil has a price list and catalogue at the Club on Fridays.

Racing was close and exciting. There was the usual battle out in front between the GT 40s of Ashwin and Phil, and Mike with the Can Am Porsche. The GT 40s came out on top with Ashiwn taking the lead only on the final segment. Phil came close to winning and was half a lap ahead of Ashwin going into the last segment. A track fault on yellow forced the white GT 40 to slow going into the donut on every lap. Ashwin slipped by for his second win in as many races this season, while Phil had to be content with second. Mike fought hard for third place and is now tied in second place with Phil in the Championship. Costa in the evergreen Chev Camaro was fourth with Erlo and young Ayrton closing out the top six. Costa is threatening to bring his new Ferrari P4 into action soon while Erlo is still experimenting with tyre compounds. It promises to be an exciting season.

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