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24 March 2009

Race Report - True Scale 20/03/2009

True Scale night was slightly under-attended with only six of us there... the same six that were there last month. Good racing was had by all though with the racing split into 3 groups of two to facilitate the marshalling.

The first race was between Costa and Phil and because I am wrtiting this report, I can write that it was no contest!!! I walked all over Phil!!! Hahahaa... actually, it was a fairly close race with Phil battling a bit with a very narrow setup due to his body. He has got a new one though so his handling should improve at the next race meeting. I did get the better of him though even with a very gutsy performance be it only by 0.54 of a lap.

The second race was between Mike and Erlo with Mike finding a bit more speed during the race than at qualifying but it was still not enough as Erlo took it by 2.79 laps.

The last race of the night was poised to be close as Craig and Ashwin were seperated by less than 0.01 of a lap at the end of qualifying (less than one segment). It was tightly contested throughout with both of them trying to throw it away at times but in the end it was Craig who took it from Ashwin by 1.06 laps.

Well done to all.

We did have some visitors who popped in during the early evening, father mother and son who saw us at Baynesfield and decided to come see what it was all about. Although the youngster did not get to drive the true scale cars, he said that he would be coming to this Fridays meeting and race with us. Proof that our marketing at the fun days and fairs with the portable track does work and is worth the effort.

Final Laps and Positions:

Craig - 113.52
Ashwin - 112.46
Erlo - 109.43
Mike - 106.64
Costa - 104.03
Phil - 100.82

These finishing positions were identical to last months.

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