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30 March 2009

Portable Track Event - Manor Gardens Primary School - 2009-03-29

Saturday 27 March saw the Green Team set up at the Manor Gardens Primary School Fun Day. Once again, the Team's eye catching shirts drew comment from the organisers and public! We have taken heed of Dave's suggestion and are investigating printing on the shirts.

The Green Team - Mike, Phil, Ashwin, Erlo and Costa

The weather was fine and we were in a good location. This turned out to be our second most successful show to date with 145 youngsters and one or two oldies, having a go. The best to date has been Thomas More with 230 participants! It seems that the schools are our best bet and with a slightly higher charge and some bargaining around the stall fees, we should do a lot better in future. We are learning.

Good location at the school.

The Ninco Digital system performed flawlessly. We have been trying various car/motor options to find something suitable for novices which requires a measure of skill, but at same time handles well and is forgiving. Costa has done most of the research and it seems that his latest product which was put through its paces on Saturday is a winner. A R299 Carrera car with a R15 no name Mabuchi type motor stole the show! The digital chip costs R180 giving a total cost of R494 as opposed to the Ninco version at R675.

The NC1 Porsche and the successful Carrera Audi R8.

The kids simply loved the racing. We even had three young girls with no money pleading for a turn. Although they had no money, they had contacts in the canteen and sharp as ever, Costa, Aswin and Erlo quickly made a deal - cup cakes in exchange for a race. The girls returned with the loot in no time and everyone was happy!

Kids enjoying the racing.

Some people never learn. Costa challenged Phil and was soundly beaten. He cried foul, demanded to swap cars for a re-match and was taught a lesson again!

Phil "teaching" Costa how to drive.

Thanks to the Team - Costa, Mike, Erlo, Ashwin, Phil, Ayrton and Luke. Thanks to Jackie for negotiating our attendance. Mike in particular did a sterling job taking tickets and marshaling. Regrettably, apart from Kevin and Mandy, no club members showed up. Another opportunity missed to see and experience Digital racing, and all of the hype and excitement it creates.

Never a dull moment with "tinkering" for extra performance.

The end of the main straight proved to be full of action for the marshalls wit htwo being needed at times.

Everyone lends a hand to ensure all goes smoothly.

Next stop Makouvlei - I wonder who remembers that one?! Actually Erlo is investigating a huge show in Toti on 2 May. Save the date and watch this space.

Report by Phil

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Anonymous said...

Awesome to see all the guys dressed in green and looking like a slick well oiled machine.